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Ahhh... It's Over

I have been studying so hard this week to make sure that I can get good grades on my finals, thank heavens they were no cumulative finals!!! Wednesday rolls around and I take two of my three finals that I have (there was an option to take the final in a two day window, and being the two easiest classes, CLA 131 and 135, I took them early). All was well with no problems from Blackboard or any other site related to it.

But of course, on Thursday my ANT test comes around at 8pm. Well, I'm sitting outside on my computer, enjoying the summer weather, and I am finishing filling out my reading questions before I take my exam (that could be taken anywhere from 8 to 10pm). When, BAM, Blackboard kicks me out!! Oh my goodness I was flipping out! I started to shake and I kept say "Oh my gosh I am so screwed!" So after numerous attempts to log back on to Blackboard in a thirty minute span I emailed my professor. I didn't get a response till about 930 from her, but in the mean time my anxiety levels were through the roof! I decided that I needed to come downstairs and attempt to log on to Blackboard with my other computer.

Ta Da! It worked!! I think that my nerves were all in a bunch and I was still trying to calm down when I was taking the final. I was so nervous that I wouldn't get everything done, that I misinterpreted several questions that I knew the answer to and unfortunately I missed those. But all was well when I scored a 86% on the final. I'm still sort of disappointed in myself but I tried, and I conquered to the best that I could give!

Now that the semester is over I feel sort of bored now! I was constantly busy with reading or working on assignments (and yes they were self made assignments for my Classics courses) and recovering from my knee surgery and playing with my kids that it was a full work day for me. Now, I feel sort of lost, I found myself today just randomly walking through the house, trying to find something to get my hands on. I think I have one of the cleanest houses on the street right now!

I am anxious though to find out my grade in Anthropology. I will say though that I am proud of myself, I started the semester with 9 hours and I finished the semester with 9 hours, I had a successful arthroscope of the knee, and I have got to spend a lot of time with my kiddos. This all couldn't be possible for me if there weren't online classes available this summer. Thanks to all the professors for all of their hard work and a big thanks to the tech team who has had to deal with a lot of complaints I'm sure!

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