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Ask and you'll probably receive

 Well since I am in the middle of cramming to get some work done thanks to poor planning on my part over my vacation and Blackboard has decided to give up on my I thought I'd do a quick blog post. A few posts back I mentioned that I wished it was possible to download all of the power points within the course in order to use them if I ever got stuck without the internet. Whether it was on a plane, on a car trip, or stuck in a hotel in Seattle with no internet. Next thing I know the entire class received an e-mail stating that work was being done to make sure we were all able to download the power points. Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought that it was a good idea to be able to have them at our finger tips at any given time. It is little things like this which is making the class evolve into a terrific learning experience each and every day. If you have a question or concern it is extremely easy to get them answered, and if you have an idea to better the class, chances are it will be greatly considered as well!

Now if only Blackboard would let me back into the system so I can finish my make-up work before the deadline hits and I can keep preparing for my exam tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to see how exams will work on this system and of course will let you know as soon as I do.

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