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Blackboard is the Demon!!

I think that I have received more emails from all of my professors this week than I have all semester long! The emails were information about the upgrade on Fire Fox and nonesuch things. I can see why now that my Classics courses have all reading assignments and only exams online. Poor Dr. McD, she has had some major issues with using Blackboard. Apparently there were students trying to take the test last night and to no avail, Blackboard shut down on them and wouldn't let them finish. I like her words of describing the massive issues with Blackboard, "My explanation for problems with Bb is that it was possessed early on by a demonic spirit or even more than one. There has been no successful exorcism of Bb to date. Only a very powerful shaman can probably do it and they are expensive and hard to find!"

I guess you have to have some kind of funny personality to deal with the issues that Blackboard seems to be having. I think that Bb needs an "easy" button. I have never really had any issues with Bb thus far in school until now. I have no idea why it is so hard!!! (but then and again I am no whiz at a computer so, there ya go).

I have finally put my children down for a nap and as I am preparing to listen to my lectures from ANT (which by the way is one of the most helpful tools available for students) the "week 4" folder has disappeared! What else is next? I just want to work on my school work and stay caught up!!!!!

I hope that these demonic forces decide to move to another computer software, one that I don't have to use!

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