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Blackboard Just Does Not Like Me!

I have come to the realization that Blackboard does not like me this summer. I don't know why it takes so many attempts to log-in. I think that the most tries I have had to do was around 19 times. It is so astonishing because the page acts likes it is refreshing itself, but if you put in the password or something wrong it'll let you know. I just don't understand it all... but oh there is more!

I love it when you finally log-in, but the Blackboard homepage looks sort of different, I will see my classes displayed but when I click on a class I get DENIED! "Guests are not allowed", I am thinking to myself, "What the beef dude? I logged in!" Oh my goodness it gets so frustrating!

Then I love it especially when I log in and it says that I am not enrolled in any courses. Geezzzz guys!!!! I just want to get on blackboard!!! So I have established that if I log onto myUK, and then click on the Blackboard tab, its almost a sure fire way to get in without all the hassle.

I will give another example of my difficulties, (I swear I'm cursed now), I am in the middle of taking my Classics exam, when I clicked on my answer and then went to click the "Save Answer" button (like you are suppose to), when the freaking system said that it could not save my answer because it was blank. NO IT WASN'T!!!!! GRRRRRRR.................. So I am flipping out at this point wondering how in the hell I was going to finish my test, but luckily I could save the test and resume it later, so I moved downstairs and took the test there with no other interferences.

Apparently I must have some demonic forces out to get me, because I have never had such problems before. Oh well, life goes on, as the Ju/'hoansi of South Africa, I tend to complain about my problems and over talk them.

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