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Blackboard troubles are easily solved

One of the main problems of an online course is that you never know when technology is going to fail you. Fortunately there is always someone right around the corner to solve your problems and get things back on course. My first few assignments were inaccessible due to a problem with .pdf files. Within less then 24 hours the problem was solved and the assignment sheets were made available thanks to the support team for Blackboard. In between the time that it took for them to become available my professor was able to get the assignments uploaded in a different form so that students could continue working without having to wait for Blackboard to be completely fixed. The professor was also able to extend deadlines for those who were effected by the technical issue. All of these people working together helped make sure that what could have been a complete disaster only  an extremely small set back. I however was unable to purchase the book for my first two assignments before leaving town because the book required was sold out at the bookstore. The way the class is set up I am not able to work ahead and do assignments from the other books in place of the assignments which are currently being requested. This causes a problem for someone like myself who was unable to get the book required, and has no transportation in the situation I currently find myself. It is extremely important to make sure you are completely prepared with all of the required texts before leaving town, or you will quickly learn that these online classes are not viable on the move. As long as you are prepared there is nothing else to worry about, especially from a technical standpoint. If something happens with Blackboard or with any of the videos and lectures it is guaranteed that they will be fixed in a timely manner and you will do nothing but benefit from the problem. The speed and understanding that comes with technical help will make sure you stay on track to finish the class, without having to worry you will fall behind.

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