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Content of a course

I of course can only speak for one course as far as content is concerned, but I wanted to talk a little bit about how the lectures have worked so far. You can easily access the lectures by navigating Blackboard looking for those open folder icons to dive deeper into the section, and they display within the dedicated media player. Chances are you'll need a pretty good connection for them to load promptly and not have to wait for any sort of buffering, I have yet to run into any problems with loading the videos on any of the connections I have used. For me the lectures are just like a power point you would see in class with the professor talking while the power point flips through sides. At any time you are able to pause the power point to take notes, or go back in case you needed to listen to something important all over again. By having the voice speaking as the power point plays it gives you more of a sense that you are in the class room, it is a nice human touch so that you don't feel completely on your own. It also allows the professor to speak more in depth on a subject then if you were just reading text and attempting to decipher information on your own. The only thing I wish was different is that I am not able to download any of the lectures. For me it would be much better if I could download the lectures and put them on my iPod or iPad or even just on my laptop so I could watch them offline. It would be extremely beneficiary if I was able to watch these lectures while in the airport, on a plane, or even on a long car ride. Other then that small complaint the actual content of the online course so far is extremely well put together and makes you feel like you truly are part of a class. I am excited to dive deeper into the course and see what other type of content displays itself throughout the next several weeks. 

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