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Deadlines are your best friend

Upon starting my online education class I was feeling a bit stressed and stretched much too thin. Deadlines haunted me in my sleep and they always seemed right around the corner, especially from my outlook as a traveler. As we began to get a week into the class is became apparent that everyone was as stressed as I was, and before I knew it the deadlines became much looser. Now as it stands my first couple weeks of assignments are not due until the day of the first exam. This type of mentality to me just sort of makes sense. Students absolutely need to make sure they have covered all of the content that will be incorporated into the exams however should not be rushed to complete the assignments. During the summer everyone is on a different schedule and no one's life is exactly the same. By widening the deadlines it helps to incorporate all of the different lifestyles and greatly increases the chance students will be able to manage, and pass the class. As we continue to get deeper into the class everything seems to be falling into place, and the online course is becoming exactly how I imagined it would be. The more the class is accepting to all walks of life, the more I enjoy the course and encourage everyone who is looking for a good way to catch up on credit hours to take these online education classes through the College of Arts and Sciences. 

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