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Don't rush yourself, but worst comes to worst, you can do it!

So I may have been in a bit of a rush over the past two days trying to catch up on everything after I finally got back from my trips, and yesterday I finally finished getting caught up after finishing my first exam. I'll be the first to say that I do not recommend cramming to get all of the work done in a few sittings. On two different occasions I was up until at least 6 a.m making sure all the work was done before the final June 30th deadline for it all came to a close. With the long deadline there was plenty of time to get all of the work done at a nice solid pace, however I was at a disadvantage due to some poor planning. On a better note it shows that no matter how busy things get in your life, if you still work hard and concentrate you will be able to finish the work for your course in a timely manner, so there is no reason to stress over these online courses through the College of Arts and Sciences. With all the work easily accessible at your fingertips, long deadlines, and a little hard work, these online courses are much better suited towards a busy student, or at least one that doesn't want to feel rushed, then an in-class course. 

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