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Don't worry, you still matter!

Incase you are worried that you won't have any contact with your professor throughout the course of an online education class through the College of Arts and Sciences, I'm here to let you know that you can throw your worries to the wind. After being in the class for over a week now, there hasn't been a day go by without some sort of update from my professor. All of these e-mail updates also come with some sort of benefit to the class itself, whether it is a problem being solved with Blackboard, an extension of deadlines, or just a simple check-in, it is all here. One of these e-mails even came with a study guide for my first exam, this sort of attention to students and the class is not at all what i expected when signing up for the online course. I am extremely pleased with how involved the professor has been with the students. It has been a fantastic to work through technical problems, have the class tailored to the many different schedules of busy students, and even get the classroom advantages such as study guides all from an online course. The internet has made it possible to bring the classroom home with you, and by taking advantage of many different types of technologies these courses are shaping up to be everything I expected, and beyond.

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