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Due when? I'm not quite sure...

 When the online course was first started I had a syllabus which laid out all of the assignments and the due dates. Looking back at the syllabus everything had a very strict deadline and assignments were due several times a week, which doesn't work well for those with hectic schedules. Upon finding out the due dates for most assignments would be extended so that as long as you had your work in for the time before the exam it would be counted, this helped relieve some of the stress. However now I am beginning to find another problem, the only way to figure out when assignments are actually due is to go back and search through e-mails sent out by the professor. If you're like me you prefer your inbox to be rather clear, which forces me to do quite a bit of digging if I'm unsure as to when something is due. I would have loved to see the BlackBoard "My Grades" section to be updated with all of the due dates, but after a bit of research it seems like from a technical side for the professor it would be more complicated then it should be, but I have another suggestion. Instead of sending out all of the important information such as due dates in mass e-mails, I would rather see all of that information posted directly to the announcements section of BlackBoard. That way there are no e-mails to dig through and all of the important updates you need to get through the class are all in one general area. I say the more announcements and the less e-mails the better! Two birds with one stone I think would sum it up, do people still say that?

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