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Every Vision Requires a Plan

We have a compelling vision for our university.


We must be the first choice for students -- undergraduate, graduate and professionals -- in our state and region. We must have a lasting impact, an impact that changes our Commonwealth for the better -- with path-breaking research, service and health care that is recognized nationally and beyond.


Every vision must also have a plan. That's why we are undertaking a new strategic plan for the University of Kentucky; see tomorrow. The University of Kentucky Strategic Plan will guide our efforts and measure our progress between now and 2020 toward this ambitious but achievable vision.


In October, our Board of Trustees endorsed six guiding principles around which the strategic plan will be developed:


•           Creating a vibrant undergraduate learning community

•           Advancing a high-quality graduate and professional education portfolio

•           Cultivating a robust research environment

•           Developing a strong and sustainable UK infrastructure

•           Creating a positive work environment for faculty and staff

•           Having a meaningful impact on the Commonwealth and the community


We aim to present the completed plan to the Board at its June 2014 meeting. But a great deal of work must be done between now and June. Today we are announcing the chairs and membership for work and planning groups that will help guide our efforts and develop ways we will measure our progress. The names and affiliations of these leaders and other important information about this effort are available at the new strategic plan website -- -- where we will provide ongoing, real-time information and opportunities for involvement. The website not only provides information about the planning process, guiding principles and committees and work groups. It also provides a growing library of relevant articles, information about a speaker series we hope to start in January, and a growing suite of analytical tools that will help support the work of our planning teams. There also is a mechanism for feedback.


More than 100 faculty, staff and students will be serving on various committees and working groups. But our success will depend upon you as well. We look forward to working with you in the months ahead.


Thank you.


Eli Capilouto                                      Christine Riordan

President                                            Provost

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