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The First-Time

Being the first time I have ever written a blog, I apologize in advance if I am doing this thing all wrong. I guess I should tell you guys a little bit about myself so you can get an idea of what kind of personality I have and who I am. My name is Nikki Noe (as you can see from the blog, duh!) I am a biology major (sophomore) at UK and am currently enrolled in three summer online courses. I am sort of an easy going person who dedicates a lot of time to school work and to my 2 children and my husband (I swear sometimes I have three kids!) but nonetheless I am a very busy individual. The online courses have been beneficial to my sort of lifestyle. I recently had knee surgery (technically a day before classes started on June 10) but I am still able to complete my courses in a timely manner. The professors have been amazing in helping me with my situation. One pitfall I have noticed would be  the tech issues on Blackboard, somehow it keeps going down on various documents and won't let me get to them.

My Anthropology class is very structured but laid back. I love Dr. McDonald's outlook on the course, even though she hates BB. Your syllabus is given with dates that assignments should be completed (p.s. I like structure - I'm just weird I guess). You as a student are expected to try to stay as close to the syllabus as possible but you could slack off a bit if you were willing to play catch up.

My two Classics courses are very laid back. Readings are required before the exam dates and that's it! No cumulative final, no daily assignments, just reading. This could be viewed as a curse or a blessing. I view it as you must have the incentive to complete the readings because you would be bound to fail.

I have a compliant of an addition cost being added on to your tuition. I understand fully it has multiple uses for running the show but, don't we use blackboard during the Fall and Spring? Last time I checked there wasn't an additional cost for that. Regardless we as students still have to buy books for the classes and have a computer to access the Internet to therefore access the course(s). But yet the student inherits the extra cost. Oh well, I could ramble on and on about the money aspect of things.

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