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Where oh where are the grades? Dr. McDonald keeps talking about the grading center and nonesuch things (that just means mumbo jumbo to me). All I want are my midterm grades!!!!! For my Classics courses it isn't that hard to calculate my grades since we only have exams and the exams are graded on the spot by Blackboard. But this is not the same for Anthropology. 

I have written a paper, and have had to complete reading questions for the class, and since the first assignment was due (back around the first week of classes) there has been nothing graded except the one exam we have had, and I just want to know my grade!!!

I don't know what exactly the difficulites have been with Blackboard, but this is the most challenging semester I have encountered with it since I have started school back in 2006.

(Maybe its just the operator malfunctioning, who knows!)

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