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Grades are in, final thoughts are here

When finishing up the last few sections of reading questions I always thought there must be a better way to submit them, then simply copy and pasting them for a word processor into BlackBoard, with each question requiring it's own webpage. I found that there was another way when BlackBoard was accidentally set up differently for one of the sets of questions and the process suddenly became a lot less painful. Instead all of the questions were displayed on one webpage and you could easily copy and paste from your word processor, without have to save and go to a new webpage every time. I would much rather see this type of set up implemented as opposed to the one page one question layout. 

When it comes down to it I'm sure I could continue to nit pick this and that, however there really wasn't anything I couldn't look past during the course. I never felt like I was going to fall behind and not be able to catch up, things never seemed to be moving to fast, all of the information needed to complete the course was right there, and I finished with a B without having to stress myself out in a classroom during the summer. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone who is looking to make up credit hours here or there or even to those of you just looking to get a little bit ahead.

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