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I'm not a Guest!!

I have no idea if my computer is just not up to date or if the operator of the computer needs an update.. but Blackboard just does not like me, at all! I tired numerous attempts to log on to Blackboard and to no avail the screen just refreshed itself. Once I was able to get through the entrance of Blackboard, I clicked on my Anthropology course, and what did it say? "Guests are not allowed to view this material." I'M SO NOT A GUEST!!!!! So I figured I would click on the myBB tab thinking that it would take me back to the home page, but yet again I was wrong! I had to log back in and finally I just got so fed up that I went to myUK and logged on that way.

And the weirdest thing happened, I was checking my email one day, and I got an email from the Blackboard administrator saying that I had been enrolled in CLA 135-229, well I really hope so, I have been in the course since June!  That isn't the only email I have gotten with the same context, I got one in June that was about CHE 105 (which I had actually taken in the Spring). So I don't know if there is some kind of "glitch" or what, but it makes a person like myself, sort of confused.

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