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Leadership Kentucky: Touching Every Corner of the Commonwealth

Tuesday July 22, 2014


This year, I’ve been honored to participate in the Leadership Kentucky program.


It’s a six-month program in which educational, civic, business and political leaders come together for two days each month in a different region of our Commonwealth.


We seek a deeper understanding of our state: both its incredible promise and its challenge. We also are afforded the opportunity meet and hear from some of Kentucky’s brightest leaders about how they are working to create a more promising future.


I’ve spent two days with more than 40 leaders at Jabez, a facility UK’s extension service operates more than two hours southeast of here. Together, we discussed issues. We explored our state’s history. And we engaged in team-building exercises, designed to help us learn more about each other and to understand more fully how challenging it is to work together. 


Yesterday and today, I am attending the Kentucky Chamber Business Summit and Annual Meeting in Louisville. As the theme of the summit is "the Future of Kentucky," sessions include topics such as Kentucky’s path to economic and workforce competitiveness, the future of the nine economic regions in Kentucky, and national and Kentucky politics, among many other interesting topics. I have really enjoyed these two days talking about the issues facing our Commonwealth and our future plans.


One thing already stands out to me. I’ve gained an even deeper appreciation for our community — the University of Kentucky. It is so evident that we touch and reach every corner of the Commonwealth. Our impact is profound. The respect for our institution and the work of our students, faculty and staff is immeasurable.


We are making Kentucky a better place. I’m so honored to learn from these bright leaders; I’m excited about the future of our state. And I’m always gratified to learn more about our impact because of the work we do together.


All the best,


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