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October 25 Board Meeting, and a Few Other Things


Good afternoon, everyone! This is your October Board of Trustees meeting recap (with a few other things thrown in).


Committee meetings:


Audit Subcommittee – the committee reviewed UK’s external audit and the 2011-12 plans for UK’s Internal Audit. At the full Board meeting, I asked about the audit for UK – no one was able to recall a time when we did not receive a clean audit, which is a very, very good thing!


Academic Affairs – committee members engaged in a discussion of distance learning and how UK is utilizing technology to deliver courses. It was a good, open discussion. (No agenda item to review, just a discussion of a topic.)


Student Affairs – those present heard from Melanie Matson, Director of the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center (VIP). The VIP Center grew out of a study on campus safety in 2004, I believe, and continues to be a strong advocate for a safe campus, as well as offer counseling and other support services to employees and students who have been affected by power-based personal violence. If you are interested in learning/doing more, stop by the lower level of Frazee Hall – they’d love to see you!


The second presentation was also enjoyable – we heard from a student involved with CATalyst, an organization with an emphasis on diversity initiatives for students, as well as creating a student leadership community. The group is working on starting an annual fundraiser to support social justice initiatives on campus.


Finance Committee – a group of student opposed to the coal plants on campus came and asked UK to consider doing a feasibility study for moving toward renewable energy sources, and away from coal and natural gas. There were a variety of other agenda items that were reviewed.


During the full Board meeting, we heard a presentation from President Capilouto on his efforts to meet the Board’s request that he concentrate on UK’s facilities. (I understand the Board will learn more about the three other “hot topics” the Board would like to see addressed – human capital, undergraduate education and innovative learning in the 21st century.)


Following the meeting, there was a reception for members of the Staff Senate, University Senate, Student Government Association and Board members. From what I’ve heard, the staff who attended really enjoyed interacting and speaking with Board members. A few connections were made between Board members and members of the Staff Senate – I continue to be excited about where UK is heading, and how the Staff Senate  will assist!


Yesterday afternoon I was pleased to be a part of the 2nd Annual Outstanding Staff Awards. The Staff Senate identified 35 staff employees from around the campus who have been honored in their own areas, and invited them to a campuswide celebration. Individual staff employees were recognized for outstanding service throughout the year. I think those present very much appreciated President Capilouto’s attendance and comments.


If you know or see any of the folks below in the hall, why not congratulate them for a job well done!


Jessica Baer, Academic Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences

Debra Bailey, Staff Support Associate, College of Dentistry

Carla Braun, Employment Consultant, Human Resources

William Buntin, Senior Academic Coordinator, College of Communications and

Information Studies

Kevin Campbell, Technical Support Services Aide, UK Libraries

Laverne Carter, Student Affairs Officer, College of Public Health

Phyllis Copher-Mattox, Staff Support Associate, College of Agriculture

Karen Couch, Administrative Staff Associate, Office of Controller and Treasurer

Phyllis Dean, Patient Coordinator, College of Dentistry

Sandra Dunn, Operations & Business Development Manager, College of Engineering

Amy Ferry, Research Analyst, College of Health Sciences

Rick Garrett, Facilities Specialist, UK Libraries

Jon Gent, Program Coordinator, Human Resources

Mary Gregory, Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs, College of Nursing

Kathleen Harman, Finance Director, College of Arts and Sciences

Susan Hayes, Research Analyst, College of Agriculture

Anne Jack, Agriculture Research Specialist, College of Agriculture

Brandi Jones, Administrative Support Associate, College of Dentistry

Angela Leeber, Compensation Analyst, Human Resources

Zachary Leitch, Instructional Assistant, College of Communications and

Information Studies

Cynthia Lynch, Clinical Clerical Supervisor, College of Dentistry

Debbie Martin, Administrative Support Associate, Human Resources

Stella Matuszak, Administrative Services Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences

Betty McCann, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies Office for Curriculum

and Instruction, College of Education

Angie Melton, Extension Staff Assistant, College of Agriculture

Jim Monegue, Research Assistant, College of Agriculture

Tina Music, Pharmaceutical Care Lab Technician, College of Pharmacy

Anthony Nall, Storekeeper, College of Dentistry

Erica Odusayna, Clinical Unit Manager, College of Dentistry

Erin Pyrek, Administrative Support Associate, College of Engineering

Marvin Redmon, Operations Superintendent, College of Agriculture

Jeff Rion, Computer Support Specialist, UK Libraries

Lee Walker, Staff Support Associate, College of Education

Glen Weinberger, Research Analyst, College of Agriculture

Stephanie Wurth, Director of Admissions & Student Diversity, College of Pharmacy


 As always, please contact me about anything – my email addresses are and I remain honored to serve you.



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