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October Board Retreat

Good afternoon, everyone! You may have heard (or read) by now that the Board of Trustees met this weekend. Our goal was to identify the areas that we expect President Capilouto to concentrate on, with a few additional details about specific aspects of those areas. It is now up to President Capilouto to figure out HOW to move forward – I am confident he will be sharing some exciting ideas with campus in the coming days.


We discussed a lot of things, had a few “aha!” moments, and realized we would like to hold these types of discussions more often in the future. Thus, we may be having an “issue” discussion at the end of Board meetings now, when Board members can discuss things more philosophically, as opposed to the discussions about a specific agenda item.


I enjoyed the campus tour – some of the buildings I visit regularly (like the Student Center), and others I hadn’t visited for years. Somewhat unfortunately, those in the latter category were easily recognizable to me from my time as an undergraduate student. Although UK employees have done their best to keep buildings in good shape, money situations can make it a challenge.


One of the aspects of the retreat that I found to be most exciting was the University Review Committee’s statement in their report* regarding staff salaries:  “The Committee recommends a review of staff salaries and UK’s current approaches to human resource management.” We discussed this more fully during the retreat, and I had a wonderful opportunity to explain this issue in a bit more detail to other Board members. I said that while faculty have a clear path towards promotion and associated raises, staff are hired into a position with a pay range, and that’s it. There are a few job families for staff, where promotion to the next higher level and sometimes a pay increase is automatic, based upon meeting certain requirements. However, for most of us, if  we want a meaningfully higher income, we have to find a job somewhere else on campus because the average department and associated budget just isn’t set up to provide salary increases to retain and reward high-performing staff. That, in a nutshell, is the “approaches to human resource management” that the University Review Committee was talking about.


As always, I encourage you to send me your questions, comments, complaints and suggestions. Any input you provide me helps me represent you better. ( / / 257-5872).





*Please see the email from President Capilouto that went out to all campus members on Thursday, September 29, with the subject line, “My First Three Months on the Job.” He provides a link to the report in that email.


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