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One Exam Down, Two to Go

Seeing as that the entire exam was taken online through Blackboard, it only seems right that I should mention exactly how this works. For the exam there were two different time frames when the test was able to be taken, making sure that everyone had an opportunity to complete the exam even with different schedules. We were able to take the test between 8am - 11am or for everyone who is not an early person such as myself, there was also an 8pm - 11pm time frame available. Once starting the exam you only had an hour to complete it, however for an online multiple choice test this is more then enough time. The only downside I found with this system is that during the test if you come across a question which seems unclear, you have no way of figuring out what the question is referring to, and simply must guess. There is also the possibility of cheating, you are on the honor system here. Only allowing an hour for completion helps to discourage this thankfully, you would certainly not have enough time to look up the answers and still complete the exam. Not to mention you wouldn't cheat in a course in a class-room so why do it online? The best part is the immediate grading, as soon as you finish the test you'll know exactly how well you did and know how much you need to improve. Hopefully you all do better then myself....oh well, there are still two tests left.

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