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A&S Online Summer Courses

Take a trip this summer and go places with A&S online courses! Learn about Japanese culture, astronomy, oceanography, Greek and Roman mythology, and many other subjects from home or abroad. This is a perfect opportunity for students who want to continue their studies or explore new topics. Online courses also offer plenty of flexibility for busy summer work schedules. With over 50 courses, A&S has something for everyone – from anthropology and biology to political science and statistics.

The courses range from general education classes to requirements for your major and will be offered in two summer sessions.

Summer Session I
4-week Session (May 10-June 7)
First 6-week session (May 10-June 21)

Summer Session II
8-week session (June 9-August 4)
Second 6-week session (June 23-August 4)

Please check course pre-requisites, APEX, and discuss summer registration with your academic advisor. For more information and a complete list of courses, visit:

Enroll this summer and see where A&S online courses can take you!
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A&S online summer courses
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