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Panic Attack!

So yesterday, I was so excited because it was my birthday, but unfortunately I had to sit down and take a test for my Medical Terminology class. I was okay with taking the test, I felt very confident in myself. Up until the point I started my test.

I am starting to open my test. I answer the first question, all is well in the world of test taking, until I get to the second question and try to save the answer... yeah it definitely was not going to save any of my answers. I had to log off and open it from other computer. This makes the second time that this has happened and I have no reason why.

To make things even more interesting, I had to stop my exam because one of my offspring was yelling at me because he had his head stuck in the chair. But to my dismay when I logged back into the system the timer was still running. I was told that there was no time limit on the exam but yet there is a 3 hour timer on the test, and the timer still runs even if you save all your answers and log out (because I doubled check to make sure you can save and resume the test later).

Like I have said before my ideal test is: no time limit, open times (6am until 11:59pm for example), and all the questions displayed at once. 

I think that the testing standards need to be set by the University and not by the individual teacher. It is good to keep consistency, I think it would help keep questions down from students because it is simpler to get use to one set of rules verses 3 different professors telling you different things.

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