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Presidential Investiture @ Singletary on Tuesday the 18th!


Good afternoon, everyone! I want to remind you about the Presidential Investiture* this coming Tuesday, October 18, at 4 pm in the Singletary Center for the Arts. Then entire campus community is invited, which most definitely includes us staff employees! You are also invited to the reception in the Singletary Center lobby which follows the event.


Whatever YOU wear to work is appropriate attire for this event. So, PPD folks should wear their PPD uniforms, office assistants wearing khakis can wear khakis, Ag workers wearing overalls should wear overalls, and patient care employees can show up in their scrubs! Wearing normal work attire is also a good way to show the diversity of jobs and responsibilities we have. When we come together for an event such as this, it also emphasizes how committed we are, as staff, to UK’s mission.


If your supervisor and/or schedule permits, please consider attending this historic event. This will be only the 12th investiture in UK’s nearly 150-year history – a truly momentous occasion!


I’ll be there Tuesday, and I hope to see you, too!





* I had to look the word up the first time I heard it. From, investiture is “the formal bestowal, confirmation, or presentation of rank, office, or a possessory or prescriptive right, usually involving the giving of insignia or an official title.” J

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