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Strong Leadership Fueled by Empathetic Listening

We live in a time of tremendous challenge – and, in many ways, opportunity – in higher education. So at no time has leadership, fueled by collaboration and partnership, been more important.


In a recent article for Harvard Business Review, I discuss an essential component of strong leadership: empathetic listening. Henry Ford once remarked that a secret of success in life lies in an ability to put oneself in another person’s place, in order to see things from his/her point of view –in addition to one’s own.


Strong leaders must truly care about other people's perspectives on an issue; this empathy, combined with active listening, provides the key to success.


I'm honored to work with such a wonderful team of leaders-- people that exemplify these characteristics of leadership every day in their important work. 


I hope you enjoy the article.  Read the full article here.

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