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Test two is right around the corner

I can't say I'm excited to take another test for Ant 160, but rest assured it has nothing to do with the class itself. In fact this test is quickly shaping up to be smoother then the first for two main reasons:

1. There is now a 26 hour deadline where I will have from 6am on Friday to 8am on Saturday. Keep in mind that once I begin the test I will only have an hour to complete the exam.  During the first exam we were only given two, three hour time slots, and these were the only times you were able to take them. One was during the morning and the other the evening, so chances are most people were able to complete the exam in the allotted time spots. However I'm sure there were some complications on that front, and now having a 26 hour opening everyone should be able to find an hour to set aside and take the test when they're ready, and at their convenience. I'ts the little things like this from a personal convenience side that make me happy when it comes to the online courses of the College of Arts & Sciences. 

2. We already went through this one time. During the first test some people had some glitches thanks to Blackboards instability, and some people didn't quite catch on to the whole only having an hour to complete the exam. This time around we should see an increase of things going off without a hitch, and I'm going to guess I won't have anything to complain about after the exam is completed, except for doing poorly on it like the first time...

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