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Thanks for a Great "see tomorrow." Town Hall

Friday, March 28, 2014


On Wednesday afternoon, we had the pleasure of hosting the second "see tomorrow." Town Hall. It was a wonderful opportunity for members of the strategic planning team to engage with and hear from the UK community, and we appreciate the robust discussion and feedback that we received from the faculty, staff and students who attended.  


The conversation focused on the significant trends shaping higher education today. This discussion is critical to the development of the Strategic Plan; Dr. Capilouto and Provost Riordan believe that in order to develop a plan for our future, we need to fully understand the context of where we are now. Throughout the past months, members of the Strategic Plan Working Groups have examined these trends and identified nine that most significantly impact UK.  


Earlier this month, we released a Research Report on Trends in Higher Education, which examines the following trends:


1.    Changing Finances and Sustainability of Funding Sources

2.    Redefining the Purpose of Public Higher Education

3.    Greater Accountability

4.    Increased Use of Technology

5.    Increased Internationalization

6.    Changing Undergraduate Population and Curriculum

7.    Challenges in Graduate Education:  Ph.D., Master’s, and Professional Degrees

8.    Changes in Research Funding

9.    The Changing Professoriate


Susan Carvalho did a tremendous job in facilitating the Town Hall. Susan has been instrumental in the Strategic Planning process thus far; she has aided in compiling the Trends Report and refining the next document that we will submit for campus review in the coming weeks.  


Susan answered many audience members' questions at the Town Hall, while also noting additional data we can provide and concerns that we should address going forward. She has shared those items with the entire strategic planning team.


Because this process requires constant feedback from the community, were are grateful to those who were able to attend the event. For those who were unable to attend, several materials from the event are available: 


Click here to view a video of the Town Hall.

Click here to view the Town Hall PowerPoint presentation.

Click here to listen to a podcast of the Town Hall.


We value your input; please send any additional questions, concerns or ideas to us at


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