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University of Kentucky, Miami of Ohio, Enrollment Management

The attached post from The Washington Post -- http://tinyurl.com/7ba3uw5 -- describes the significant jump in early admissions at Miami of Ohio. In short, their enrollment management chief says the university isn't spending more on its marketing, it is simply talking more directly with prospective students about quality -- quality of faculty, quality of programs and the quality of experiences that students can get that will lead to fulfilling careers.


In the last few years, as we've gone back and talked to prospective students through survey research and focus groups, we've discovered the same dynamic. Students want to know what a degree from UK will mean for them. They want to understand, to that end, what kind of faculty interaction they will have and the experiences they can receive that will help them be well-rounded, attractive candidates for jobs.


Students and their families understand very well the world we live in -- a high complex, interdependent and global economy, one that has been facing significant challenges.


The question for all of us who help market our colleges is how to develop compelling, truthful and transparent engagement with prospective students and families that resonates?


We're all facing the same economic constraints. Our customers  -- our stakeholders -- want to know how we plan to help them succeed.

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