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Update for September 10, 2012 Board Meeting


This is your regularly scheduled post-Board of Trustees meeting update. The Board met Tuesday, September 10. The full agenda for the meeting, plus supporting documentation, can be found at I’ve concentrated on the issues I found to be particularly interesting and/or important.


Athletics Committee Meeting

We reviewed and approved two action items regarding renovations to the women’s softball field and to the men’s and women’s soccer fields. I very much enjoyed the presentation from some female student athletes who travelled over the summer to Ethiopia and visited some impoverished areas, including a leper colony. They shared their overseas experiences and it was fascinating to hear how their lives were changed by that one trip. It is wonderful that some of our student athletes are able to have such experiences. One young woman observed that while money is important, it isn’t everything; giving your time to another human being can be far more valuable.


Executive Committee Report 1 (Annual Performance Evaluation)

Board Chair E. Britt Brockman went over the process and subsequent results regarding the Executive Committee’s evaluation of President Capilouto.  In June 2012, select individuals (from constituencies approved by the Board) were asked qualitative and quantitative questions about the following aspects of President Capilouto’s performance: leadership; relationships with constituencies; strategies and priorities; financial management; fund-raising; organization and team; and future considerations. The constituencies included staff, students, faculty, legislators, donors, etc. About 30 individuals from the various groups submitted evaluation forms; 45 in-person interviews were conducted.


The average response from evaluators was 4.4 (on a five-point scale, with five being the best rating) and the majority of respondents gave President Capilouto a score of 4.5 or better. Chair Brockman added that respondents identified a few items for improvement, including communication; for example, while respondents complimented President Capilouto’s habits of listening to people, thinking about options, and then making a final decision, some expressed concerns that his messages were still not being adequately communicated to all constituencies.


I think the evaluation process went well. In my opinion, the process this year was more inclusive of various constituencies (including increased input from staff), did a good job of facilitating a well-rounded evaluation with depth and breadth of input, and continued the practice of keeping individual evaluations anonymous.  Overall, I ranked President Capilouto highly. I agreed with the need for better communication, but I believe that poor communication at our University has been a problem for some time.


Executive Committee Report 2 (Performance Incentive Payment)

Board Chair Brockman reported that the Executive Committee sincerely wished to offer President Capilouto a first year performance incentive payment. However, based on discussions with the President, the Executive Committee decided to postpone any such action because of current economic conditions.


Nominating Committee Report (Election of Officers and Executive Committee)

This portion of the meeting was particularly special to me, as I was on the slate of officer candidates, for the Secretary position. I was (and still am!) thrilled to be elected and I will serve as the Board’s Secretary through June 2013.


Earning that position is important to me, for at least two reasons: it is an enormous honor to be elected to an officer position on the Board, as it reflects the respect I have earned from fellow trustees; and that although the Secretary position is a non-voting ex officio member of the Board’s Executive Committee, I certainly do not need a vote to speak my mind and bring the staff’s perspective to bear on issues at that level.


I have enjoyed representing my fellow staff on the Board of Trustees and I expect that this year will be no different. As always, I encourage you to contact me about any matter whatsoever, including suggestions about how to improve my communications with staff. Feel free to email me ( / or stop by my office in 202E Main Building.


With very best regards,

Sheila Brothers 

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Published: 9/17/2012 10:26 AM

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