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by: Micah Fielden, Student Government Association President
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Welcome to the University of Kentucky

I can't believe the summer is over. My bags are packed, the car is loaded, and tomorrow I head back to campus to begin my final year on campus. Time goes by quickly and if you're a freshman coming to UK you won't believe how much faster College goes than anything before.

This summer has gone by faster than usual thanks to how busy it has been! Over the last few weeks Student Government has created a brand new program, the Wildcat Interest Group. The WIG is a non-partisan lobbying organization that will push for higher education support amongst our elected officials (if you're interested in reading more check out the KY Kernel's article http://kykernel.com/2011/07/27/student-leaders-push-for-lobbying-in-fran... ). With the WIG in mind a few of our executive members traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with the Kentucky Congressional Delegation and discuss the future and how important higher education is in preparing the next generation of leaders. In addition to the WIG we have been working to guarantee existing programs from our free legal services to the Cat's Cruiser a late night safe transportion system for students.

After the work and travel of the summer we are all excited as K Week is about to begin and our newest freshman class of over 4,500 students travels to Lexington, Kentucky to begin their college career. As someone who has participated in K Week events for three years I can tell you that the week of programming is great and you shouldn't miss a thing. From free shirts to food you'll always have something to take home and you will make countless friends. Be sure to go to some of the biggest events and bring your parents to the New Student Induction Ceremony for the official start of K Week (to see a full schedule of K Week events head to www.uky.edu/KWeek).

Student Government will be ready for K Week and we are all looking forward to serving our student body this coming year. Please feel free to come to us for help, advice, or to get involved. For freshman students in the fall we offer a great range of involvement from the Leadership Development Program run by Vice President Nikki Hurt to the election of our four Freshman Senators to the Student Government Senate. In addition after a few weeks we will be needing additional help in the office with a great range of positions available. Please check out website www.uksga.org for more information.

One last piece of advice - Look for our Tally Cats swipers in their bright yellow neon shirts. Tally Cats is a great program where by going to events you can swipe your Wildcard ID to get points. The more points you have the more likely you are to get free prizes from televisions to a free semester of books!

SGA is here to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns you may email me personally. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you on campus this Friday!


Micah Fielden

Student Body President


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UK Student Government Leaders Micah Fielden, Nikki Hurt, Stephen Bilas, and Matt
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