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What a Week

I am so thankful to have a supportive family and friends. I also have to extend my thanks to my professors. This summer semester is a true test of my endurance. I have had to remove my children from daycare due to the overwhelming costs I am incurring because of my surgery. There is no way that I could go to campus and take my classes this summer, it just wouldn't work.

With school work piling up, my 4 1/2 year old wanting everything right now, and my 2 year old daughter with the diva attitude, and a house to run it is a handful! I am able to take my tests for my CLA courses on Monday and Tuesday of next week, then I have got my ANT exam on Wednesday. I don't think there are enough hours in my day to get all of my stuff done.

I have learned through the semesters that having children and a household puts school on the back burner. Life tends to be a little bit more important sometimes, but I also have to realize that school is going to get me in the place that I want to be financially.

As I said in my last blog, I would really like to have a structure set up for my Classics courses, you just sort of read the book which is fine but I am the kind of person that needs structure, I can make a schedule for myself but I always tend to "change" it to accommodate my life at that present moment.

I guess one must take it a day at a time and hope for the best and do everything that they can in order to achieve their goals.

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