UK Board Awards 16 University Professorships for 2019-20

photo of 2019-20 University Research Professors
The 2019-20 University Research Professors. Photo by Ben Corwin, Research Communications.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 1, 2019) — This week, the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees approved 16 University Research Professorships for the 2019-20 academic year.

The purpose of the University Research Professorship program is to recognize and publicize research accomplishments of scholars across the full range of disciplines at UK. The award amount is $10,000 for one year, to be used to further the research, scholarship and creative endeavors of the awardee.  

“It is truly gratifying to recognize these distinguished experts who have made significant contributions in so many different fields of research at the University of Kentucky,” said Lisa Cassis, UK’s vice president for research. “The University Research Professorship Awards honor 16 members of our faculty who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship and creative work that addresses scientific, social, cultural and economic challenges in our region and around the world.”

The University Research Professors Program recognizes excellence across the full spectrum of research, scholarship and creative endeavors within each college that nominates a faculty member. College leadership developed criteria for excellence in research and scholarly activity within their area of expertise and then nominated faculty who excelled at these criteria.

The 2019-20 University Research Professors are:

  • Jason Unrine, Plant and Soil Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment;
  • Mark Peffley, Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Susan Gardner, Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Craig Miller, Oral Health Practice, College of Dentistry;
  • Anne Filson, Architecture, College of Design;
  • Beth Rous, Educational Leadership, College of Education;
  • J. Zach Hilt, Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering;
  • Hunter Stamps, Art and Visual Studies, College of Fine Arts;
  • James Ziliak, Economics, Gatton College of Business and Economics;                 
  • Phillip Gribble, Rehabilitation Science, College of Health Sciences;
  • Philip Kern, Internal Medicine, College of Medicine;
  • Donna Wilcock, Physiology, College of Medicine;           
  • Misook Chung, College of Nursing;
  • Patricia Rippetoe Freeman, Pharmacy Practice and Science, College of Pharmacy;
  • Svetla Slavova, Biostatistics, College of Public Health; and                                      
  • Julie Cerel, College of Social Work.