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Little/Gaines Artist Series Presents Jason Zavala


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 21, 2009) - The next artist presented as part of the Little Gaines Artist Series is composer/musician Jason Zavala. The series brings together the Little/Gaines Artist and other artists they have chosen to stage unique collaborative events around a unifying theme in visual, literary, musical or dramatic arts. Zavala and his collaborators will present “The Chase” at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27, at the Niles Gallery, located in the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library and Learning Center.  

As October's Little/Gaines Artist, Zavala, and his collaborators use "The Chase" to explore the timeless theme of "cat and mouse" through music, visual art and written words. A cat and mouse game can be defined as a never-ending action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes. Zavala and his collaborators explore what it means to be a cat, a mouse and the thin line between them.

Zavala, a 2005 UK architecture graduate, is committed to artistic pursuits in both personal and professional domains. He is often recognized as a prolific composer of original music, which he performs frequently at venues throughout Kentucky. In addition to collaborating with other local musicians, Zavala has also performed on several records, including "Lazer Crust" and "Ornament." He has also produced music with Lexington group Elephants and is currently a member of Lazer Crust, based out of Louisville.

Professionally, Zavala values the incorporation of innovative ideas and functional beauty into his work in architectural and graphic design fields. He views artistic pursuits as a life-long learning process in which collaboration is necessary to move forward.

Zavala's show is the second from the new Series' sponsors, Little Fine Arts Library and the Gaines Center for the Humanities, who launched the collaborative artists' series showcasing the work of Kentucky artists and bringing together artists in the same or different genres or media in September.

Two more exhibitions will follow Zavala as part of the 2009 Little/Gaines Artists Series. All series programs will be staged on Tuesdays in the Niles Gallery of the Little Fine Arts Library. Each show will last approximately an hour and a half and will be followed by a reception. Visual artist Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz will be featured Nov. 17, and installation and performance artist Lauren Argo, will stage her exhibition Dec. 15.

For more information on the Little/Gaines Artist Series or on the Jason Zavala show, contact Gail Kennedy, director of the Little Fine Arts Library, at (859) 257-4631, or Lisa Broome-Price, associate director of the Gaines Center, at (859) 257-1537.