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Registration Now Open for Inaugural Inclusive Health Summit

Adia Harvey Wingfield

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 5, 2019) — The University of Kentucky Inclusive Health Partnerships and the UK Health Transform Clinic is partnering to host the first of its kind Inclusive Health Summit Saturday, Sept. 7, to provide the university community with an opportunity to engage in conversation about health disparities and creating inclusive clinical spaces. 

"The goal of the summit is to one, illustrate our tripartite mission of education, research and provision of quality, equitable clinical care for individuals from all backgrounds; and two, to provide a sustainable path forward for on-going discussions and education about inclusive care environments," said Tukea Talbert, assistant operations executive for UK Health Care.

Studies have proven that understanding the complexities of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency are important in delivering high-quality patient care. The university believes that inclusion and diversity must be actively interwoven into the fabric of company culture so that all people feel like they belong in the workplace and in its clinical spaces. By hosting the summit, the university hopes to take a step in the right direction in facilitating communication and training surrounding the health care system around historically marginalized groups and the LGBTQ* community. 

This year's summit will focus on two major content areas: the clinical landscape and best practices in transgender health care and health care racial disparities.

Presentations and workshops will cover topics similar to:

  • racial and ethnic differences in health care experience and preferences;
  • communication strategies for providers to use with black/African-American patients to meet their needs;
  • basic psychosocial issues for transgender patients;
  • assessments for hormones or surgery for transgender patients;
  • female to male bottom surgery; and
  • facial feminization, voice and trachea.

"UK's inaugural Inclusive Health Summit is an important way for our university to expand conversations about unique obstacles that historically marginalized groups face in health care environments, proposing solutions in the form of continuing education for current and future clinicians and health advocates," said Lance Poston, executive director of Inclusive Health and Campus Partnerships.

The summit will feature a keynote address by Adia Harvey Wingfield, professor of sociology and associate dean for faculty at Washington University. Other sessions will include speakers with a rich shared expertise around creating inclusive clinical spaces.

The summit will take place from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Gatton Student Center. It is open to health care providers, graduate and professional students and community members. Registration for the event is online and is free of cost. Seating is limited, attendees are encouraged to register as soon as possible.