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UK Police issue crime bulletin

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 30, 2023) — In the interest of safety, the University of Kentucky Police Department has issued the following Crime Bulletin for the UK community.

Note: This report contains information that some may find upsetting. If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual assault, the University of Kentucky offers a variety of resources, which can be found at

If you are a victim of sexual assault and would like help, you can call UK Police’s Special Victims Unit at 859-257-8573 to speak with an advocate.

Additionally, you may report any incident of harassment or sexual assault as a member of the UK community to the Title IX Coordinator at 859-257-8927 or visit their website at

On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the UK Police Department received a report of sexual assault on UK's campus. The incident is reported to have occurred this previous fall semester on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022, in a residence hall. The student stated that they were sexually assaulted by another student in their dorm after receiving a ride to their residence from a party located off-campus. The suspect is known to the victim. UK Police is actively investigating this matter and the appropriate campus units are working with individuals involved to provide resources and support. 

The University of Kentucky values a safe community for all students, staff, faculty and visitors. In the interest of promoting a safe and secure campus environment, UK Police offers the following tips to help keep our community safe:

  • Make sure you have affirmative consent before engaging in sexual activities with someone. The university’s definition of “affirmative consent” can be found in Administrative Regulation 6.2.
  • Consent is an active agreement to participate in that activity at that time. If someone says no, it means no. If someone is silent, it does not mean yes. If someone changes their mind, it means no.
  • Learn about active bystanding. While bystanders are not always present when sexual assault occurs, there may be red flags we can notice beforehand. 
  • When possible make statements – “BACK-OFF! STOP! NO-WAY!” You deserve to be respected.
  • Request a FREE SAFECATS student safety escort or coordinate after-hours on-demand bus service during the fall and spring semesters by calling (859) 257-SAFE(7233).
  • Request a FREE Kentucky Wildcab ride through the Uber app, available in the app store and Google play. Complete the Wildcat Uber enrollment form, which grants you access to the free Wildcab option. Kentucky Wildcat is available 10 p.m. through 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday when fall and spring semester classes are in session.

Sexual assault is never the victim's fault. 

The only person responsible for sexual misconduct is the perpetrator.

If you have been a victim of violence or would like to be a part of UK’s effort to end violence, please contact the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center at 859-257-3574 for confidential services, support and referrals.