Gill Goes Red: Heart-Healthy Tips, Treats and Prizes on Feb. 5

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 29, 2016) — At noon on Friday, Feb. 5, UK's Gill Heart Institute will be "going red."

February is Heart Month and Feb. 5 is the American Heart Association's "Go Red Day" celebrating women's heart health. The women  and men  of the Gill Heart Institute use the day to educate women about the differences in women's vs. men's hearts, heart disease and heart attack symptoms.

According to Dr. Gretchen Wells, director of the Women's Heart Health Program at the Gill Heart Institute, women's hearts are different than men's in certain ways, which can affect the way women develop heart disease and experience heart attack symptoms.

"People assume all heart attacks feel like a crushing in the chest, but often, and for women in particular, the symptoms of a heart attack can be quite different," Wells said.  "Events like 'Go Red Day' give us another opportunity to teach women what to look for and how to take the best care of your heart."

Wells also points out that there are biological, social and psychological factors that change the way women experience heart disease and act on its symptoms.  

"Awareness is key to helping women understand what to look for and when to seek treatment," she said.

On 'Go Red Day' at noon, Wells will offer tips for women's heart health in the atrium of Pavilion A in UK Chandler Hospital. Afterward, there will be special treats, gifts and take-home information. Anyone wearing red is welcome to participate in a group photo session at 12:30 pm.

To be eligible for a prize, take a selfie wearing red and post it to the Gill Heart Association's Facebook page with the hashtag "#GillGoesRed."  You can also visit for instructions on how to customize your photo.