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Fitbits Offered Again to University Community at Reduced Cost to Improve Well-being


LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 15, 2019) — Beginning Monday, July 15, Fitbits will be offered at reduced cost to the University of Kentucky community. Over 20,000 of the fitness trackers have been sold to faculty and staff since UK Human Resources Health and Wellness began their partnership with Fitbit in 2015.

“We are so glad to be able to offer the Fitbit benefit again,” said Carrie Davidson, exercise physiologist and Fitness Facilities manager with UK HR Health and Wellness. “Wearables serve as great motivational tools as well as tracking devices. Some simply track their daily activities to reach daily goals. Others use them to make significant healthy improvements in their lives over the long term.”

Fitbits and other fitness wearables are used to encourage and track movement during the university’s Step Up challenges, which occur periodically throughout the year, and soon, will be used in a new program beginning in October — MoveWell Rewards — which will award participants cash prizes through monthly drawings. 

Making Fitbits a part of your daily life can make you more aware of your activity as well as that of your family members. According to Women’s Basketball Assistant Athletics Director Amy Tilley, “Having owned a Fitbit for over three years now, I feel like it’s had a direct impact on achieving my daily fitness goals. It has served as an accountability factor for me to stay moving, active and to reach my step goals daily. My husband and I also made it a ‘fun and friendly’ competition each day to see who was more active.”

UK HR Manager of Health and Wellness Jody Ensman believes the renewed Fitbit offering combined with the MoveWell Rewards program will remind faculty and staff of the university’s commitment to their health.

“The University of Kentucky has made physical and mental health a priority for not only students, but also faculty and staff,” Ensman said. “By offering Fitbits at reduced costs and beginning a new, year-round physical activity reward program, we hope to enhance the culture of health on campus.” 

For more information on how to take steps toward better health and obtain a Fitbit for at least a 40-70% discount, visit this website.