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Lorch and Bosch Named New A&S Associate Deans

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 18, 2009) -- The University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences announces the appointment of two new associate deans: Elizabeth Lorch will assume the position of associate dean for research and graduate studies, while Anna Bosch will serve as associate dean for undergraduate programs. Lorch and Bosch are both long-time faculty members, teaching in psychology and linguistics, respectively. They were selected following a semester-long search process that brought in a large pool of applicants, and will join Ted Schatzki, associate dean of faculty, on the administrative team of the college.

Lorch will be responsible for the research and graduate missions of the College of Arts and Sciences. She will specifically be tasked with thinking creatively about how to expand the college’s research infrastructure and will serve as an in-house resource to faculty in their research efforts.  Lorch will also work directly with departments and programs to build and maintain high-quality graduate programs.

Bosch will be responsible for the college’s undergraduate teaching mission.  She will be charged with leading discussions on undergraduate curricula and affairs, and will spearhead the college’s role in the new general education reform for UK students and lead the new online education pilot program.

Both associate deans will assume their new duties in January 2010, at the start of the spring semester.

Previously, the posts to be occupied by Lorch and Bosch were combined into one position, responsible for both the college’s research and teaching missions.  In order to allow the college to focus greater resources on each of these two important missions, and to create greater faculty-led, administrative capacity, Mark Lawrence Kornbluh, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, acted upon the recommendations of the Council of Chairs and the Executive Committee of the college to split the position into two separate administrative lines.

“With the newly created associate dean positions, the college is continuing the success of our undergraduate programming while striving to further the academic mission with innovative curricula and a new online educational presence,” said Kornbluh.

“Under the new model, professors Lorch and Bosch will be able to focus their energies on their separate and essential divisions of higher education.”