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Recently Elected UK Staff Senators Announced

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 3, 2019)  Voting has concluded in the University of Kentucky Staff Senate elections. Because each sector represented had fewer candidates than vacancies, all candidates will be seated.

Senators-elect will begin their three-year terms as senators July 1. A listing of senators-elect per sector is as follows:

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Jennifer Edwards

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

  • M’Rae Patterson Cason
  • Kimberly Charles
  • Candace Heather Gross
  • LeeAnn Merrill
  • Chablis Murray
  • Parth Patel
  • Angel Smith


  • Bobbi Jo Allen
  • Daphne Arnold
  • Sabrina Brewer
  • Jennifer Bridge
  • April Brooks
  • Stephanie Carpenter
  • Lesley Cash
  • DeRita Graves
  • Lyndall Harned
  • Catherine Hayden
  • Lisa Lockman
  • Derrick Meads
  • Laura Prather
  • Paul A. Rideout
  • Laure Ziembroski Smith
  • Danielle Story
  • Allison Walters
  • Daniel Wilmot
  • Kallie Wilson


  • Sarah Alegria
  • Courtney Chafin
  • Kasandra Lambert