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Stanley Brunn Named Fellow of American Association of Geographers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 14, 2019) Stanley Brunn, professor emeritus in the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky, has been named a fellow in the American Association of Geographers (AAG) 2019 class.

Fellows of the AAG serve as a body to discuss and create initiatives, advise on challenges and mentor other faculty members. Obtaining this role is a great recognition to the leadership and devotion that Brunn has shown in the field.  

Brunn’s fellowship recognizes and honors the educator for pioneering “new areas of research, including the geographies of electronic communications, of mega-engineering projects and a reinvigorated geography of religions.”

“The AAG award is much appreciated as I have been active in the association in many capacities for my academic career,” Brunn said. “What is important in a rich professional life is to be around a solid group of like-minded professionals who exude creativity and imagination into terra incognita.”

Brunn joined the UK Department of Geography staff in the College of Arts and Sciences in 1980 as department chair. He served as chair from 1980 until 1988. Before coming to UK, Brunn taught at the University of Florida and Michigan State University. 

Brunn is best known for his work in political geography but he has also made great contributions in the fields of social and urban geography. He is dedicated to teaching others about his field of study and has created the AAG Stanley Brunn Award for Creativity in Geography, which recognizes groundbreaking geographers.

“An Atlas of the 2008 Elections,” “Mapping Across Academia” and “The Changing World Religion Map” are just a few of the 25 books that Brunn has authored. He has also worked on 100 research articles relating to the geography of the world. In addition to these works, Brunn has served as editor of The Professional Geographer from 1982-1987 and the Annals of the AAG from 1988 to 1993.