Research Leadership Academy Accelerates Leaders and Programs

At the University of Kentucky, we often talk about the importance of meeting the moment: rising to answer the most pressing questions and finding solutions for the most significant challenges facing Kentuckians. With an unyielding commitment to making an impact, our efforts have never been more critical to our collective progress than right now.

Our researchers, with their spirit of collaboration and endless drive for innovation, are making that bright future possible. To equip future generations, we must ensure our leaders receive the resources, support and training necessary for nothing less than success. 

The University of Kentucky Research Leadership Academy (RLA), supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research, is a new multi-component program with three independent tracks to accelerate the development of aspirational research leaders:

  • Research Leadership Career Development – Research Leadership Career Development (Track 1) supports the efforts of faculty and staff who have the potential to lead research projects, special activities or programs aligning with their college or center’s research priorities. Track 1 focuses on mentoring faculty and staff who hold aspirations for future research leadership positions. 
  • Complex Programmatic Grant Proposals – Complex Programmatic Grant Proposals (Track 2) provides customized assistance and best practice support for the development and submission of a specific complex grant or creative work proposal. From preparation to project management and compliance, Track 2 will cover every step of the process in detail.
  • Emerging Themes in Research and Creative Work – Emerging Themes in Research and Creative Work (Track 3) seeds support for new or emerging themes for research or creative work and assists in developing a business plan for future sustainability. Track 3 provides insight from research leaders on best practices to develop new centers, institutes or programs.  

Each track has separate application requirements. Individuals may apply for more than one track. Proposal deadlines will vary by track, with the 2022-23 cohort term starting on July 1, 2022, and concluding on June 30, 2023. For eligibility and application deadlines for each track, see the RLA website. Send questions to

The past few years have brought forth a time of great accomplishment, success and discovery for UK research. Together we have met challenges head-on in times of uncertainty. There is still much work to be done. We are committed to using every tool and expertise at our disposal to ensure the University of Kentucky’s work continues to bring a brighter future for Kentucky and beyond.