Learning the Basics - FUSION 101


LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 16, 2010) - For the last seven years, students have had the opportunity to give back to the Lexington community through UK FUSION in August. But FUSION is no longer just in the fall.

FUSION 101 was created last year as a method of training site leaders for fall FUSION and for UK students to continue to give back to the neighborhoods surrounding campus. This Saturday, April 17, more than 140 students will venture off campus to give two hours of service as part of the second annual FUSION 101.

Students will be going to Aylesford, Seven Parks, Colombia Heights, Cooperstown, Shawneetown and Pralltown neighborhoods. One group will be going to Seedleaf, a local nonprofit organization and another will visit with residents at Ashland Terrace.

Students will participate in a wide range of community service, including gardening, removing graffiti and hosting a play day with local children. Aside from the actual service, attendees will be given training on how to be an effective site leader in the fall and have the opportunity to interact with neighbors, showing them that UK students are good neighbors.

FUSION 101 is an exciting time to prepare for fall FUSION and continue the University’s relationship with the surrounding neighborhoods.

While participants are set for the event this weekend, the FUSION planning team reminds everyone that fall FUSION is open to all and encourages participation from all of those students returning to campus in August.