The Study’s Top Places to Discover During Summer Advising


LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 20, 2011) The Study offers the following recommendations on places to discover for students visiting campus during summer advising.

1. Student Center

Whether it’s grabbing lunch at Chick-fil-A, meeting for a student organization, or just hanging out in the Cat’s Den, every UK student visits the Student Center on a regular basis. Start off on the right foot by familiarizing yourself with what’s available in the SC.

2. William T. Young Library

As part of your campus tour during the admissions process you were shown the impressive William T. Young Library, with a book endowment only second to Harvard in size. Now that you’re going to be a student at UK, the library will become fundamental to your success.

3. The Study

Another key to academic success at UK is The Study. Offering free peer tutoring, academic consultations, and much more, it is important that you know where to access these numerous services. Figure out where The Study is and grab a cup of coffee at the same time. Starbucks is just downstairs.

4. University Health Service Student Clinic

We all hope to avoid getting sick all the time, especially during the semester. However, figuring out where the University Health Service Student Clinic is now will only make your life easier when you’re under the weather later. If you happen to catch a bug, you won’t have to wander around campus in search of the clinic—you will know exactly where to go.

5. The Johnson Center

As a UK student you will have full access to all of the facilities at the Johnson Center, a state-of-the-art recreation center for healthy living. Check it out while you’re on campus so you can start fighting the “Freshmen 15” right off the bat.

6. UK Bookstore

Textbooks are a key to success in most college classes, and after making your schedule at your summer advising conference you are one step closer to purchasing books. Professors may or may not have posted their book list already, but either way the UK Bookstore can help you. Order the books that are available now, and set up an account to be notified once the rest of your books are ready.

7. Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky is a state that is wild about horses. To get a feel for what the horse industry is all about and to learn more about this iconic animal, visit the Kentucky Horse Park.

8. Downtown Walking Tours

Downtown Lexington has a lot to offer students, including unique restaurants, shops and events. For students who aren’t familiar to the area, navigating Lexington can be intimidating. To lessen this anxiety, take a tour of downtown. Some organizations offer organized tours, but you can also get a good idea by taking a stroll around town with your parents.