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UK student conduct review process underway following assault, racial slurs

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 7, 2022) — University of Kentucky officials continue to address an incident that occurred in a campus residence hall early Sunday morning, Nov. 6, in which students, including a student employee working an overnight shift at the front desk, were victims of violence and racism committed by another UK student.  

UK Police arrested the perpetrator, who is facing criminal charges, and the investigation is ongoing.  

The university strongly condemns this behavior and will not tolerate it under any circumstance. The safety and well-being of the UK community is our top priority.  

Following the incident, the UK Office of Student Conduct immediately began the disciplinary review process. A summary of that process and university policies are provided below.  

Officials have also provided answers to some frequently asked questions here, related to the incident.  

Teams in UK’s Office for Student Success are working with the student victims who were subject to the violence and racism to offer support. Additionally, the office communicated with the student body Sunday with information and support resources available to them. That information is available here.  

The university will continue to update the campus community and public with information as it becomes available. Find updated information at  

Overview of Student Conduct Process 

The Office of Student Conduct adheres to the existing process outlined in the Code of Student Conduct, and timing varies based on the circumstances pertaining to the specific case.  

Here is a brief overview of the conduct process:  

  1. When the Office of Student Conduct receives an incident report, a conduct officer reviews it. In certain situations, the vice president for student success may impose an interim suspension if there is a threat to safety or disruption to university operations. 
  1. The Conduct Officer may ask the respondent and others with relevant information to appear at investigative meetings
  1. The officer then conducts an informal, one-on-one meeting, during which the respondent is able to take responsibility for their behavior, which can prompt an outcome review or a formal hearing. 
  1. When a report may result in suspension or expulsion, the conduct officer may send the report directly to a hearing board for a formal hearing. At some point, there is typically an opportunity for the respondent and affected parties to interact.  
  1. A formal hearing, facilitated by faculty, staff and students, will result in an official outcome that could include suspension, expulsion or other restorative action. Respondents, however, do have the right to appeal the decision made at the hearing. 

University officials cannot legally comment on the disciplinary status of a student who is under review. 

View frequently asked questions and answers here.