UK Takes Steps to Reduce Pedestrian-Vehicle Conflicts on Rose Street

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 9, 2016) — Safety must come first on the University of Kentucky campus. This includes continually assessing and making changes when necessary in order to enhance pedestrian safety.

It is with this focus on safety that UK Parking and Transportation Services (PTS), in partnership with the UK Police Department, is actively diverting non-authorized traffic away from the restricted portion of Rose Street between Columbia Avenue and Funkhouser Drive.

The university’s goal is to enhance pedestrian safety by reducing vehicular traffic in the area, specifically by eliminating non-authorized traffic. A traffic study conducted earlier this week by university officials showed that the majority of non-authorized vehicles included those dropping off or picking up passengers as well as lost motorists.

Drivers wishing to drop-off or pick-up passengers are encouraged to do so in areas outside of the campus core, which would result in little to no impact on traffic or pedestrian flow.

For those who are lost or trying to get to A.B. Chandler Hospital or Kentucky Clinic, officials are handing out maps to assist them with appropriate routes.

Authorized traffic includes delivery vehicles, official vehicles and those with permits for the Funkhouser Drive area, which includes a mixture of ADA accessible, employee and reserved parking.

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