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Healthtrac is Rewarding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (July 21, 2011) — UK Healthtrac Rewards is a program that helps University of Kentucky employees improve or maintain their health and get paid doing it.

UK has worked diligently over the last several years to keep health plan premiums affordable. Not only is the university helping keep healthcare out-of-pocket costs low, it is providing the opportunity to earn $180 per year in rewards with Healthtrac. Some consider that monetary reward as a “rebate” toward health insurance premiums.

To make it even easier, the Healthtrac Rewards program has been simplified. Employees now have to complete only three easy steps to earn $180 per year: 

1. Complete the Health Assessment twice per year: July through September and January through March. Earn $30 for each completed Health Assessment – up to $60 per fiscal year. Important: At least one Health Assessment must be completed before participants can begin earning any rewards for that fiscal year.

2. Enroll in and complete either a BeH.I.P. telephonic health coaching program or an online Healthy Living program. Earn $60 per fiscal year.

3. Log in to Your Healthtrac Home Page and earn at least 500 Wellness Credits per month using the Health Activity Tracker. Earn $5 per month.

Keep in mind, UK employees, retirees, and their spouses/sponsored dependents on a UK health plan are eligible to participate. That means an eligible spouse can help double the rebate.

UK Administration encourages anyone who is eligible to register and complete the Health Assessment by Sept. 30, 2011. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete and you earn $30. You may choose to do more to earn more – up to $180 per fiscal year. Please take the first step by visiting and clicking the "Healthtrac Login" button, then "Register Now."