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Staff Senate Election Results Announced

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 6, 2014) — Voting has ended in the University of Kentucky's Staff Senate elections. Because each sector had fewer candidates than vacancies, all candidates will be seated. Senators-elect will begin their terms as senators July 1. A listing of senators-elect per sector is as follows. 

EVPHA's Sector

Nicole Garlin

President's Sector

Darlene Hisel

Karen Jackson

Orvis Kean

Provost's Sector

Melissa Barger

Edward Brown

Gary Case

Tommy Collins

Diana Doggett

Jonathan Gent

David Gillespie

Laura Hall

Ann Livingstone

Troy Martin

Karen Michul

Terry Olson

Covetta Ramey

Ben Rice

George Scott

Erin Short

Pamela Sigler

Jeffrey Spradling

Nancy Taylor

Melissa Wilkeson