Collaborative and Novel Methodology Projects Awarded Pilot Funding

Lexington, Ky. (Aug. 28, 2015) —The University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) awarded pilot funding to 10 projects that foster collaboration and new medical product development. The pilot funding program provides research support and up to $50,000 for preliminary and proof-of-concept studies critical to moving basic laboratory findings into clinical applications.

Awardees for this round of funding include:


Gilson Capilouto, PhD, UK College of Health Sciences

"Lingual Dynamics and Feeding Coordination in Neonates"


CCTS-Markey Cancer Center Collaborative Pilot Award: 

Tadahide Izumi, PhD, UK College of Medicine

"Selective sensitization of head and neck tumors by arsenic trioxide"

CCTS-Sanders Brown Center On Aging Collaborative Pilot Award:

Ai-Ling Lin, PhD, UK College of Medicine

"Rapamycin restores cerebrovascular and cognitive functions in APOE4 carriers"

CCTS-Barnstable Brown Diabetes And Obesity Center Collaborative Pilot Award:

Sanda Despa, PhD, UK College of Medicine

"Ion Transport in Diabetic Human Hearts"

CCTS-Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Collaborative Center Pilot Award:

Patrick Sullivan, PhD, UK College of Medicine

"mitoNEET as a Novel Therapeutic Target for TBI"

Community Engagement

Claire Snell-Rood, PhD, UK College of Medicine

"Cultural adaptation of collaborative care for depressed Appalachian women: a community health worker model"

Partnership with other Appalachian Translational Research Network Institutions:

University of Kentucky-University of Cincinnati Collaborative Award:

Peixuan Guo, PhD, UK College of Pharmacy

Lisa M. Privette Vinnedge, PhD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine 

"Targeting the DEK oncogene using RNA nanoparticle technology as a novel cancer therapeutic" 

University of Kentucky-University of North Carolina Collaborative Award:

Jimmi Hatton Kolpek, PharmD, UK College of Pharmacy,

Denise Rhoney, PharmD, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy

"The Impact of Kidney Function on Drug Concentration after Acute Brain Injury"

University of Kentucky-Marshall University Collaborative Award:

Jeremy McAleer, PhD, Marshall University College of Pharmacy

"Regulation of pulmonary CD4 T cell immunity by commensal bacteria"

University of Kentucky- West Virginia University Collaborative Award:

Babak Bazgari, PhD, UK College of Engineering

Xiaopeng Ning, PhD, WVU College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Management Systems Engineering

"Toward an objective and quantitative assessment of lower back pain: understanding patients' biomechanical changes after lumbar facet nerve block"

For inquiries regarding the pilot program visit or contact Elodie Elayi, research development director and pilot coordinator, at

MEDIA CONTACT: Mallory Powell,