VIDEO: Two Types of Horsepower Drive UK Researcher

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 9, 2017) —  Carl Mattacola is interested in horsepower in all its forms.

As a researcher in the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences, Mattacola spearheads the Equine Jockey/Rider Injury Prevention Initiative, a first step towards building a medical model for jockeys that is like the care offered to athletes in other sports, including hockey, NASCAR racing, or football.

"A horse race is a pretty high powered event…. you have to be strong and balanced to maintain control of this 1,000-pound horse going about 30 miles per hour," Mattacola said.  "We spend most of our time focused on the horse, but the rider is an athlete too, and he or she can benefit from the expertise that we have to offer."

In his off time, he rides horses…and Harleys.

Watch this episode of "Five Questions" to learn how this grandson of Italian immigrants and son of an educator has parlayed his skills and experience into a groundbreaking effort to help riders of all types. 

This is a photo of Carl Mattacola riding a horse.
This is a photo of Carl Mattacola and his wife, Kathleen, riding a motorcycle.
This is a photo of Carl Mattacola with students in the College of Health Sciences.

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