The Study’s Suggestions for a Stimulating Summer


LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 1, 2011) – Eat. Sleep. Go to the pool. Repeat. Does this resemble your first few weeks of summer vacation?

After a stressful semester, you may be tempted to spend the whole summer relaxing, recovering and preparing to hit the books hard come August. However, the large amount of free time available to students during the summer break also leaves room for some productivity. For ways to inject some variety into your summer schedule, check out the following suggestions for a productive summer from The Study.

The first suggestion may make you cringe at first, but the easiest way to add structure to your summer schedule is to get to work. A part-time job is an excellent way to pad your pocketbook and lessen your financial stresses during the upcoming semester. If you’re tired of working in a typical part-time position, try to get an internship (paid or unpaid) in an area of interest to you. The experience can not only keep boredom at bay, but may also help you discover what profession is right for you.

If your summer schedule doesn’t suit an internship commitment, you can also make progress on your career hunt by job shadowing an individual in your field of interest. Spending just a day with an expert in in the field can give you a better perspective of what that job entails — both good and bad. At the end of the experience you will walk away with a better-defined view of your future career options, as well as a professional mentor.

Aren’t sure what field you would like to pursue professionally, and facing too many options to choose an internship or job site to shadow? You may want to look into using your free time to volunteer around your community. During the semester it can be hard to find the time to give back, but the summer offers an excellent opportunity to do so. Choose to help an organization with a cause you are passionate about and you may stumble into a professional field you hadn’t considered before.

If you’re a junior or senior considering continuing your education after obtaining your undergraduate degree, spending your summer preparing for the appropriate graduate exam would be a smart decision. Without the pressure of a full class schedule, you can focus in on the material necessary to master the GRE, GMAT, etc. Many locations, including The Study, offer information to help students learn how to take these exams.

Invigorating your summer routine with these suggestions will prevent summer break boredom, while still leaving you with plenty of eat, sleep and go-to-the-pool free time. 

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