UK HealthCare

Additional Security Measures Implemented in Hospital Emergency Departments

UK Chandler Emergency Department

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 6, 2021) — UK Police will use handheld metal detectors to “wand” all patients and visitors entering the emergency departments at UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital beginning Tuesday, April 6.

This is an added measure to continue to provide a safe environment for patients, families and all who work and learn at the University of Kentucky.

UK and UK HealthCare officials have decided to add additional security measures in response to increasing reports of violence taking place across the nation in health care settings.

The new step also offers an opportunity to remind everyone of other measures already in place – or that are being considered – as part of our comprehensive safety efforts:

  • UK HealthCare providers and staff are reminded to use employee entrances rather than public emergency entrances to reduce congestion at the public entrances. If employees do use these entrances, they will be scanned with a wand as well.
  • For many years, signage has been in place notifying all those entering UK HealthCare facilities that guns and other weapons are not permitted.
  • UK HealthCare intends to install fixed metal detectors at emergency department (ED) entrances in the future. This is the result of extensive, ongoing work that has been taking place to improve the safety and security of employees, patients and visitors at UK HealthCare facilities.

Reminders about important policies, designed to ensure health and safety, include:

UK HealthCare complies with the above through a number of policies meant to support a safe environment of care: