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UK HealthCare Physicians Named to 2015-16 Best Doctors List

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 7, 2015) – UK HealthCare has more than 125 physicians practicing medicine with UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Kentucky Children's Hospital, UK Good Samaritan Hospital and Shriner's Hospitals for Children who appear on the Best Doctors in America list for 2015-16 – more than any other hospital in Kentucky. Only 5 percent of doctors in America earn this honor, decided by impartial peer review.

The Best Doctors in America list, assembled by Best Doctors Inc. and audited and certified by Gallup, results from polling of more than 40,000 physicians in the United States. Doctors in more than 40 specialties and 400 subspecialties of medicine appear on this year’s List. 

The experts who are part of the Best Doctors in America database provide the most advanced medical expertise and knowledge to patients with serious conditions – often saving lives in the process by finding the right diagnosis and right treatment.

2015-16 Best Doctor's List:

Sadiq Ahmed                            Nephrology

Kenneth B. Ain                         Endocrinology and Metabolism

Michael I. Anstead                    Pediatric Specialist

Rony K. Aouad                         Otolaryngology

Susanne M. Arnold                   Medical Oncology and Hematology

Henrietta Salvilla Bada             Pediatric Specialist

Hubert O. Ballard                     Pediatric Specialist

Robert J. Baumann                   Child Neurologist

Louis Bezold                             Pediatric Specialist

Peter James Blackburn             Ophthalmology

Christopher A. Boarman           Pediatrics

David C. Booth                         Cardiovascular Disease

Edwin A. Bowe                         Anesthesiology

Robert A. Broughton                Pediatric Specialist

Raeford E. Brown, Jr.               Pediatric Specialist

Scottie B. Day                           Pediatric Specialist

Christopher P. DeSimone         Obstetrics and Gynecology

Philip A. DeSimone                  Medical Oncology and Hematology

David J. DiSantis                      Radiology

John Draus                               Pediatric Specialist   

John H. Eichhorn                     Anesthesiology

Eric D. Endean                         Vascular Surgery

Deborah R. Erickson                Urology

B. Mark Evers                           Surgery

John L. Fowlkes                        Pediatric Specialist

Peter J. Giannone, Jr.               Pediatric Specialist

Jacqueline S. Gibson               Internal Medicine

Larry B. Goldstein                    Neurology

Donna G. Grigsby                     Pediatrics

John C. Gurley                         Cardiovascular Disease

Wendy Fetterman Hansen       Obstetrics and Gynecology

Andrew Hoellein                       Internal Medicine

Robert Hosey                            Family Medicine

Joseph A. Iocono                      Pediatric Specialist

Mary Lloyd Ireland                   Orthopaedic Surgery

Henry Iwinski                           Pediatric Specialist

Gregory A. Jicha                       Neurology

Darren Lee Johnson                 Orthopaedic Surgery

Raleigh O. Jones                      Otolaryngology

Jamshed F. Kanga                    Pediatric Specialist

Dennis Karounos                      Endocrinology and Metabolism

Edward J. Kasarskis                 Neurology

Douglas G. Katz                       Ophthalmology

Philip A. Kern                           Endocrinology and Metabolism

Stefan G. Kiessling                   Pediatric Specialist

Mahesh R. Kudrimoti               Radiation Oncology

Cheri D. Landers                      Pediatric Specialist

Philip B. Latham                       Pediatrics

Steve W. Leung                       Cardiovascular Disease

Robert W. Lightfoot, Jr.           Rheumatology

Richard Lock                           Anesthesiology

Grace F. Maguire                     Pediatrics

Scott D. Mair                            Orthopaedic Surgery

Hartmut H. Malluche                Nephrology

Jeremiah T. Martin                   Thoracic Surgery

Erich C. Maul                           Pediatrics

Hanna W. Mawad                     Nephrology

Ronald Charles McGarry          Radiation Oncology

Patrick C. McGrath                   Surgical Oncology

Adrian W. Messerli                  Cardiovascular Disease

Todd Milbrandt                         Pediatric Specialist

David J. Minion                         Vascular Surgery

Amr El-Husseini Mohamed      Nephrology

David J. Moliterno                    Cardiovascular Disease

Alba E. Morales                        Pediatric Specialist

Peter E. Morris                         Critical Care Medicine

Timothy W. Mullett                    Thoracic Surgery

Kevin R. Nelson                        Neurology

Nicholas J. Nickl III                   Gastroenterology

M. Elizabeth Oates                   Radiology

John M. O'Brien, Jr.                  Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hatim A. Omar                          Pediatric Specialist

Amit Patel                                 Plastic Surgery

Kevin A. Pearce                        Geriatric Medicine

P. Andrew Pearson                   Ophthalmology

Luther C. Pettigrew, Jr.             Neurology

Barbara A. Phillips                    Sleep Medicine

Thomas Pittman                        Pediatric Specialist

Andrew R. Pulito*                      Pediatric Specialist   

Marcus E. Randall                     Radiation Oncology

Annette Rebel                           Critical Care Medicine

Hassan K. Reda                        Thoracic Surgery

Aru Reddy                                 Pediatric Specialist

L. Raymond Reynolds              Endocrinology and Metabolism

Julie Ribes                                Pathology

Scott A. Riley                            Hand Surgery

John J. Rinehart*                      Medical Oncology and Hematology

Kimberly Ringley                      Pediatrics

William C. Robertson, Jr.         Child Neurologist

David W. Rudy                         Clinical Pharmacology, Internal Medicine

Sarah S. Rugg                         Cardiovascular Disease

Sibu P. Saha                            Thoracic Surgery

Sheila P. Sanders                    Ophthalmology

B. Peter Sawaya                      Nephrology

Douglas J. Schneider               Pediatric Specialist

Jeffrey Bryan Selby                  Orthopaedic Surgery

Lori Shook                                Pediatric Specialist

Michael Sekela                         Thoracic Surgery

John Slevin                               Neurology

David A. Sloan                          Surgical Oncology

Charles D. Smith, Jr.                Neurology

Mikel D. Smith                          Cardiovascular Disease

Susan Smyth                            Cardiovascular Disease

Vincent L. Sorrell                     Cardiovascular Disease

William Henry St. Clair             Radiation Oncology

Carol Steltenkamp                   Pediatrics

Julia C. Stevens                       Pediatric Specialist

Stephen Strup                           Urology

Lisa R. Tannock                        Endocrinology and Metabolism

Vishwas R. Talwalkar               Pediatric Specialist

Alice C. Thornton                     Infectious Disease

Kathryn M. Thrailkill                  Pediatric Specialist

Phillip A. Tibbs                         Neurological Surgery

Dale E. Toney                          Internal Medicine

Fred Rand Ueland                    Obstetrics and Gynecology

Joseph Valentino                      Otolaryngology

Craig Van Horne                       Neurological Surgery

Woodford S. Van Meter            Ophthalmology

John R. van Nagell                    Obstetrics and Gynecology

Henry C. Vasconez                   Pediatric Specialist, Plastic Surgery

Lars M. Wagner                        Pediatric Specialist

Carmel Wallace                         Pediatrics

Gretchen Lois Wells                  Cardiovascular Disease

Thomas French Whayne, Jr.     Cardiovascular Disease

Michael L. Wittkamp                  Pediatric Specialist

Thomas L. Young                     Pediatrics

Khaled M. Ziada                       Cardiovascular Disease

Joseph B. Zwischenberger       Critical Care Medicine, Thoracic Surgery


   *recently retired